OG Parker Clears the Path

Geoff Dishion’s O-line — and in this clip, guard Aaron Parker — pave the way for Lake’s 246+ yard-per-game rushing attack.

We spend a lot of time celebrating the skill position players, especially on offense. And rightly so, Lake has some incandescent stars in those positions.

However, we’re definitely guilty of under-reporting on the men getting it done in arguably the game’s most important position group: the trenches.

This is just a quick post to celebrate the excellence of Geoff Dishion & Ryder Fouts’ offensive line.

These aren’t your grandpa’s linemen: we’re talking athletes here. From rock steady leadership and strength of captain Grant Lynch at center… to the nimble giant Aaron Parker and the literal rampaging Viking Ashten Hendrickson at the guard positions…to the returning all league talents at tackle in Bryce Slezak and Micah Avery — this is a group that’s done more than hold up its end of the bargain. They’ve dominated. To whit:

They’ve protected: Viking QB Kolton Matson has been sacked just twice all year.

And they’ve mauled: Lake Stevens is averaging over 246 yards per game and over eight yards per play thanks in large part to this group.

Shout out to the other linemen — through no fault of their own, many capable players haven’t seen the field simply because the starting line doesn’t come off: there’s been a combined two games missed due to injury. For the whole line.

So with that said, we’ve got a short video to post here. With apologies to Bryce, Ashten, Grant and Micah — this highlight follows Aaron Parker’s work running trap in front of Jayden Limar. Aaron’s incredible agility, speed and stamina are on display here — as is the well coached coordination of the rest of the line. Time and time again on video I’m amazed at the synchronicity and efficiency with which these men do their job.

Salute to this under-appreciated bunch of players and coaches ahead of tomorrow’s big game. If it could be said that Lake will go as far as this group takes them? I’d agree, and I’d take those odds.