Notes: Limars Gear Up for Garfield

After busy offseason punctuated by a high profile college commitment & a freak shoulder injury, the Vikings’ Senior star RB Jayden is ready to run it back with his rising Soph brother Jayshon.

The Limar brothers (Jayden in 17) geared up Monday ahead of Saturday’s opener. Photo by KTH/J425.

The Vikes big stepper was back in pads and the familiar 17 jersey Monday as Lake Stevens began week one preparations ahead of Saturday’s 5 pm opener in Seattle vs Garfield.

Jayden Limar, who committed to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this Spring, was previously limited in Fall Camp as he battled to overcome a shoulder issue emanating from a car accident.

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Jayden has received a considerable amount of national coverage (INSTAGRAM VERIFIED 🫡) after committing to a university with a worldwide fan base.

Check out this Athletic profile where Jayden has some direct insight on former Irish HC Brian Kelly. (I love how Jayden speaks his mind here and to be honest it’s no secret that Kelly is an ass— -Kev)

Coming off a season that featured a combined 34 Limar rushing touchdowns (12 by then-freshman Jayshon, likely a school record) Jayden will tandem with his now sophomore brother Jayshon to form the most formidable and highly recruited backfield in school history: Jayshon holds three Pac-12 offers prior to his first day of high school, slightly ahead of Jayden’s pace.

I’ll bury a nugget of info down here at the end just to see if anyone’s reading: I polled a few players including the Limar brothers as to which back is likely to garner more carries through the regular season.

Jayden offered an account that lined up with mine: probably Jayshon.

The younger Limar has added significant muscle over the offseason and is listed at numbers that would work just fine for an NFL back: six foot, 215 pounds.

It wouldn’t be surprising in my opinion to see Jayshon rack up 20 totes in games where Jayden combines 6-8 receptions with 12 or 14 carries.

That said, as things currently stand the Limar brothers appear to be occupying the same position on the two deep. This is just my feeling, but I’d definitely anticipate that Coach Tri has plans to feature both Limars simultaneously— something we haven’t seen much of outside Jayden’s brief (successful) turn as the Vikes’ QB last year.

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