J425 Wins Major Grant Support from Google, Knight Foundation & Indiegraf

Investments and assistance come in three tranches managed by Indiegraf, an equity-backed tech/publishing innovator


They liked us because of our readers. Thank you.

J425 was one of a dozen or so newspapers chosen — out of over 180 applicants — to receive a series of philanthropic investments in capital, resources and professional services from non-profits that are committed to reinventing local journalism.

J425 surrenders zero equity or rights and retains full end-to-end control.

The Google News Initiative and Knight Foundation are major non-profit players in journalism innovation. The equity-back publishing innovator (will name after signing) is an expert in publishing biz as a service. In other words, they do the work of the 12–14 non journalists we had at the Lake Stevens Journal. Production, marketing, advertising, new product development.

Grants and resources will take a little while to roll in but they are significant and will fund improvements in the product we produce for readers and allow us to plan for the longterm.

We will deepen are commitment to the stories you all like the most.

That said, this is a onetime series of grants that will increase our quality and output, but like any other business, we will need to build revenue in order to make this sustainable. Which I have no doubt we will, given the loyalty and engagement of this community.

J425 is loyal to you too. This community journalism project is in it for the long haul. Get used to us.